Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Merry Christmas to me

So as a late Christmas present to myself I finally bought myself a new (for me) car. It is a 2004 Holden Astra convertible and is still in need of a name (Bert has been suggested due to it being a Bertone limited edition but I am just not feeling Bert) So all suggestions are gratefully received. The unfortunate thing is that ever since I bought a convertible, it has poured rain! On the same day as I bought my car I also bought myself a 42 inch SONY LED TV so that would have to go down as my most expensive day on the planet up until this point! Now to start saving for a home loan (gulp)


  1. Hmmm are you feeling a 'she' or a 'he' Quite a pretty car so maybe a she??? What about Agatha??? As in Agatha Astra??? :o)

  2. And yet another Monica adds her two-penneth lol! I must first say how much I'm loving your site and your awesome scrapbooking layouts. You are clearly a very talented lady and all your pages are superb as well as inspirational! Thank you for sharing your pages with us and giving us inspiration and motivation.:)
    And now your precious car - WTG! what a fab pressy, congratulations, you deserve it, for sure! I came up with the name Endeavour, for several reasons. I was thinking of its origins as I know them: as you probably know it's the name of Captain Cook's ship that found Australia & New Zealand; and despite a few knocks along the way it made it home again. I think of you making your creative journey (as well as car trips) and discovering new creative projects and designs; I think of you (just like many of us) successfully tackling the challenges in life through your own ambition, efforts, and steadfastness. Similarly your car will successfully tackle road blocks, heavy traffic and all the hazards of the seasonal weather. But it will always get you where you want to because of its reliability and determination. The second reason was because Endeavour is the name of Inspector Morse (not many people know that), but I hope you know the police character he plays. And I liken you to him: intelligent, able to work things out and reach a satisfying result which pleases people, also a lover of art (in his case, Music) in which you are able to get a great deal of pleasure. I believe you carefully plan your craft designs right down to the finest detail and your artistic skills enable you to create stunning results which not only gives pleasure to others, but also rewards you with self-satisfaction, too! I don't think I'm far wrong in anything I've said. And I hope you can understand why I chose 'Endeavour'. Anyway it was some time ago when you got your car so you've probably named it now. But I thought I'd still chat to you about the impression your blog gives of yourself - your lovely personality and wonderful sense of humour, also your creativity, talent and determination. It's been great chatting. I'm going to carry on browsing for a while. Bye for now. Hugs and Blessings, Monica