Sunday, 3 May 2015

On a roll with challenges

After my successful attempts at last weeks challenge, I popped back over to UKS and found this weeks challenge which also resonated with me. This is my take for April week 4 challenge. We have just marked the centenary of ANZAC troops landing in Gallipoli on April 25th, 1915.

The challenge was to use 2 photos, both photos are from what I took when I went to visit Gallipoli a number of years ago. The memorabilia is a cluster of ANZAC badges in the bottom left and the oval picture of a soldier which my Mum has been using as a book mark and finally to use stickers which my title is made up of alpha stickers.

The paper was in my too good to use pile but as soon as I saw it (when searching for something else) I knew I had to use it for this LO and even bought myself to "trash" it with ink mists and paint to get the style that I was after.

I might have to check back in on UKS and take a look at the next challenge...who knows...I might actually make a habit of scrapbooking again (although I think I need to make a habit of getting completed LOs in albums as they are currently just sitting around)


Sunday, 26 April 2015

First challenge in a while

I wandered over to UKScrappers for the first time in an awfully long time on the weekend and looked at the weekly challenge. I liked it so much that I decided to have a go at it...twice!

The challenge set was to:

  1. scrap a photo of yourself, 
  2. to use paper that you had been holding onto for a long time,
  3. to have an interactive element on your page.

The first page I came up with is this LO of me posing on the Great Wall of China. This paper has been in my "too good to use" stack for a very long time now but I have started to realise that I have consigned most of my paper to this pile and am fast running out of reserves in the "ok you can use this because I don't love it" pile! Maybe that is why this challenge spoke volumes to me. The interactive element on the page is the date circle and compass which can be turned around and the travel tag can be pulled out to reveal the date and section of the wall that we walked.

My second shot at the challenge is a LO of our vows on our wedding day. I love the structured look of this LO as I have somewhat abandoned this style for more eclectic, messy and random LO's over the last few years however I would say that this LO is true to the style of scrapping from when I originally started, complete down to the interactive element of having the journalling (in this case our written vows) underneath the photos. I'm not sure if I was 100% true to the challenge of scrap a photo of yourself as there are more people than just me in the photo but none the less, the challenge inspired me to make another LO for my wedding album which I now love.

The "paper" is actually a printed transparency that I mounted on metallic black card stock. It is hard to see in the photo but it actually adds a really nice shimmer behind the transparency.

So that is it...1 challenge...2 interpretations and a slightly smaller "too good to use" paper pile.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Scrapped but forgotten (to blog)

Whilst it looks like I have been absent and not scrapping, I have actually been scrapping every now and then, I just haven't blogged so I now have quite a few pages to share.

The first is a very simple LO of my Dad holding a lovely owl at Cardiff Castle many years ago. I have used mainly scraps of paper and some very simple embellishments.

Next is a LO that explains how David proposed to me with a photo of the collection of photos he had created a story on and the box that they were in along with my proposal ring.

The next is a rather bright and busy LO of a lovely statue in Glasgow bus station of a couple hugging. This photo was sent to me whilst David was living in Glasgow with the caption that he can't wait until he can give me a hug.

One for the wedding album, this is a page to document me heading out of the room and on my way, a step closer to getting married. I used butterflies on the page as I had major butterflies in my stomach at this moment - more because I was terrified I would fall down the stairs! I was holding onto that banister so very tight :)

I really like the relaxed feel of this photo of myself and my bridesmaids on the way to the car (we were all fed up with posing for photos already so it was nice to be actually doing something and capture a nice photo)

This is my Dad's Steiff bear "Big Ted" (no points for choosing an original name)! It is such a beautiful bear, even half a century after it was given to him.

I love the finished product of this LO. The photo is 21 years old now of Christmas day. My Dad had received a new camera (in the days before digital existed) and a range of accessories for Christmas so my Nan and I had to sit whilst he played around with it. Fair to say that I was fed up but my Nan seemed to be more than happy to play model for hours on end!

My final page to share this time around is of the same Christmas day. This photo has always made me laugh as you can see my Dad's hand with camera remote trying to take a family portrait. My Nan didn't quite get the idea and looked directly at the remote and not the camera :)