Monday, 30 August 2010

New shoes!! (and a few other things) I now I only have 15 days until I leave the country but this was just too good a bargain to go past! Leather turquoise snake effect shoes from Reiss. Were meant to be ₤210 - last pair just happened to be in my size and were being sold for ₤40!! It was fate I tell you!! It would have been rude NOT to buy them...will 2 excuses do??

I also treated myself to this gorgeous Radley laptop bag which I have wanted for ages but never bought because it too was on sale and my theory was that in 3 weeks I am going to be a director and what director goes to work without a Radley laptop bag?? (sshhh...none of the directors I have ever worked for have...but then again...they have all been men!)


  1. I {heart} Radley bags and Radley bags on sale are just too good too be true - you should have bought two (one for me of course ;p) xxx

  2. GORGEOUS SHOES MEL!!! very jealous x