Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Hello my name is Mel...

and I am a shopaholic!! No really...somebody really must stop me! I just came back from the high st to get a pint of milk for a cup of coffee...I come back with 4 items from the Monsoon sale (and my pint of milk). All of the items were:
  1. Gorgeous
  2. A must have
  3. ON SALE!!! (some items up to 70% off!)

The lady said to me as I was paying that I have 7 days to return anything that is not right...technically speaking...all 4 items were not right because it was not right to buy them!

Oh dear - can anyone help me? Or am I just a lost cause?

1 comment:

  1. lol you are so funny Mel. I think as long as you got what you went out for then you have nothing to worry about ;p All your purchases were must haves and not sale - it would have been rude not to ;) x