Sunday, 25 July 2010

Basingstoke last crop in England :0(

Last night I went to a crop in Basingstoke with Bridget which will be my last in England. I completed 4 LO's, including 1 which was a photo swap with Bridget and Liz did my photo in the swap.

This is the first LO I completed which is for my heritage album (which btw is now finished!) I don't know exactly who the people are in the photo unfortunately, just that they are relatives on my Nan's side of the family. This LO started out as a plan to be plain and simple but before I knew it, I had practically thrown my entire bloom and embellie box at it! I love the finished product. I think my favourite part is the flocked stamp I did that frames the lovely chipboard clock. I spent almost an hour trying to figure out what to put into the frame once it was on the page! This clock was just made for it I think.

This was the 2nd page I completed and is a picture of my Pop (2nd from right) on a day off fishing with his mates. I am not sure why this was seen as such a relaxing past time as the net they are dragging in sure does look heavy! The small journal dot says "smooth seas do not make skillful sailors" I mainly used scraps up for this LO.

This was the final LO I did (of my own, I also did a LO with Bridget's photos). This was an ultra simple LO where I just added the first 3 words that came to my head when we touched down from skydiving..."LET'S GO AGAIN!" It will be my final page in my skydiving album which has taken a bit of a backseat to my heritage album as I find the heritage photos as much more inspirational and great to work with. I have now run out of heritage pics so will probably start doing more of my skydiving pics again.

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