Sunday, 2 February 2014

Still on track

Well it has been difficult at times but I have stayed true to my resolution made on new years eve to get back into scrapping. I have only managed 2 layouts in the past 2 weeks, 1 for each of my ongoing albums.

The first is a simple LO using scraps of old paper and is about the first time David and I found our block of land which was an incredibly exciting experience considering we spent so much money on it - sight unseen!

The next page I love and took quite a bit of time to create due to the amount of detail and layering. It is a sneak peek of my wedding dress from my first dress fitting. There is some secret journalling in the envelope that talks about my disappointment with the dress as it was not what I wanted but as it was a requirement of the church to have my arms covered, I had to give up on the dress that I really wanted as the option to add sleeves to my original dress were horrible and there was a nice option with this dress. I may not have loved my wedding dress but at least I love the scrapbook page of it! haha

Until next time...

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