Friday, 8 June 2012

Sharing some pages

So here are a few pages that I have worked on recently that I have not shared before.

This LO came about after looking at my box full of stamps that I keep buying but never using because I feel I am rubbish at stamping. I decided to go crazy and use a few different stamps on a blank piece of cardstock. I chose some of my favourite stamps and just started going and before I knew it, I had covered the entire cardstock in script. That led me to making a LO that was busy with lots of seemingly unrelated elements. I had so much fun that I might even try using stamps again some day :)

The next LO I wanted to share was a LO that took a long time to come together. I had shuffled elements on the page for a couple of hours which some of you may know - is really not me at all! But then all of a sudden I thought to myself to cut the photo into a circle of just a single butterfly and as soon as I did that - the inspiration flooded me.  I couldn't help but smile as I assembled this LO as it came together so well. As soon as I had made the decision to cut the photo the finished LO only took 45 minutes as inspiration took over.

I always used to complain to David that we never got any good photos of the 2 of us together as he was always pulling faces or wouldn't look at the camera and for a scrapbooker - that was such a pain! So, in his defence, for Christmas, he bought me a photo session for the 2 of us. We had fun getting all dressed up and posing and although the professional photographer also struggled with him not pulling faces (apparently that is just his look - he doesn't do it on purpose) we did get a few photos that we liked and bought. Here is 1 of those photos. The embellishments on this page were from a Kaisercraft mystery pack I bought and loved! I had held onto both of these papers for so long and they just seemed right to use together on this page. I also used 2 mists on the script paper which haven't really shown up in the picture but give the page a lovely glisten in real life.

Mum & I keep going to races and getting all dressed up and then the tradition is I try and take a photo of us and we just see how much of each of us (and our fascinators) we actually get in the photo. People always come up and offer to take a "proper" picture of the 2 of us but I love that I have so many relaxed and funny photos of Mum and I together - they never seem posed for, this is just another of those.

For Mum's 50th birthday (last year!) I bought a hot air balloon ride over the Yarra Valley for us all. It was an early, bitterly cold morning but it was so much fun. My Dad actually helped with the preparation and filling of the balloon but once the balloon was up in the air I took loads of photos, including this 1 of my parents together. They both look cold but happy (we obviously weren't too high in the air as Mum - afraid of heights - started to smile less and less the higher we got)

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